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Death of the American Republic

April 26, 2016

Thiese posts were originally meant to be about financial matters and in particular YOUR financial matters but over the years I have come to the determination that no system of Finance let alone a personal system of one can long survive nor endure the loss of one’s most basic Rights (enscribed in the 4th Amendment to the Constitution) let alone “mean” all that much in the absence of even the pretense of the rule of law.


One would think seeing and in fact personally experiencing such a condition would make me a believer in gold (“whoever has the gold makes the rules”) but in fact this has not been true at all for me. More to the point and what I hope to engage the reader in is however is a far less esoteric and prosaic notion namely what is the purpose of our human existence in the absence of even the pretense of a rule of law…of living under a regime hell bent on dictatorship and how we as Ameri can survive under such a clear condition as we now have.


Needless to say this will not be easy and so far all I can say is it begins with a fishing rod, a fishing reel and a boat.


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